Calendar of Events

Year at a glance: St Andrew’s calendar 2017-2018 (PDF)

Please note the following updates/corrections to the Year at a Glance:

  • Thursday, Nov. 23: St. Andrew’s Day (formerly Friday, November 24)
  • Mono Cliffs trips: Dec. 4-6, Dec 6-8 only; Dec 13-15 not needed
  • Thursday, Dec. 14: Arts Night, 6:30p (New!)
  • Wednesday, January 10: After Grade 5 Info Night, 6:30p
    • Thursday, January 11: still running the After Grade 6 Info Night, Open House, and High Performing Athletes (HPA) Info Night

Updated: Nov 17/2017

Along with our “Year at a Glance” calendar, we have a number of other events happening around SAJH – rehearsals, team tryouts and practices, clubs, and more! Please visit our Google Calendar to see the events happening in and around our school. Note that the calendar requires you to login to AW – parents/guardians will need to use their child’s AW login information.




2 Responses to “Calendar of Events”

  1. Megan Wong Says:

    There was some confusion with gym booking and dates, and unfortunately a conflict had occurred. Hopefully we will be able to provide updates that will clear up these issues in future!

  2. Ms. Wong Says:

    Teachers may be running additional activities; we will post them as information is shared with us.

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