Swim Team – practice update

The first practice for the Grade 7/8 swim team will now be on Tuesday Feb. 20th at 7:15am for both grade 7s AND grade 8s (combined practice).

If students are interested but have not already signed up, they should see Ms. Hassanali for permission forms.


Extracurricular Activity List

Attached is our list of Extracurricular activities and the associated staff member (s) and timelines for these activities.

POR 2014-2015 D Extra Curricular Schedule

This list has also been saved on our website, on the Co-curricular Activities page.

Junior Boys volleyball tryouts

Junior Boys volleyball tryouts begin this week.

Grade 8 boys: 7:30 am on Wednesday October 9th.

Grade 7 boys: 7:30 am on Thursday October 10th.

Final tryout: 7:30 am on Tuesday, October 15th.

Permission forms are available outside the gym doors. A signed permission form must be returned in order to participate in tryouts.

See Ms. Johnston if you have any questions.