Popcorn Friday #3 – March 23rd

Just a friendly reminder that this upcoming Friday, March 23rd we will be having our next popcorn sale.

Yummy butter and salt popcorn will be sold during both lunches for $2 per bag.

Thank you for your support!



Handouts: York Mills CI visit; Grade 8 key dates and grad trip

A few documents were sent home in the week preceding March Break. As some students/families were absent during that time, we are making them available via this post.

We wish everyone a safe and happy rest of your March Break!

Visit to York Mills CI

  • for all SAJH students who are transitioning to York Mills CI this September, coming from grade 8 or 9
  • Thursday, March 22nd, periods 4-7
  • Students not going to York Mills will remain in school
  • Permission form due back (either YES or NO portion filled) by 9 am of Wednesday, March 21st
  • Print form here: YMCI Tour Parent Permission 2018 511C

Grade 8 package: Dates, Grad Trip, Code of Conduct

  • for all grade 8 students
  • Important upcoming dates, from now until the end of June
  • Grad Trip excursion form and Code of Conduct form: due back March 23rd, 2018
  • Print package here: Gr.8 package 2018mar05

Spring Safety and March Break Messages


For your information, attached is a spring safety message from Toronto and Region Conservation.

As well, we wish our school community a relaxing spring break (March 10-18th).  School will resume on Monday, March 19th.  Dental screening for all grades will occur during the first week back.  For those students transferring to York Mills C.I. for the next school year, the excursion forms for the March 22nd afternoon tour will be distributed today.  They will also be available on the Monday after the break.  The deadline for returning the ‘yes or no’ form is Wednesday, March 21st.

Community Coffee Get Together with Trustee Gershon postponed

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Trustee Gershon will need to cancel the March 8th community coffee get together and reschedule for another date yet to be determined.

Pizza Lunch #6 – Wednesday, March 7th

Just a friendly reminder that this upcoming Wed., March 7th will be our next pizza lunch.

We require volunteers to help with the distribution of pizza and snacks.  If you can afford some time please come and help.

First lunch:  arrive at 11:25 a.m. Second lunch:  arrive at 12:20 pm. If you are interested in helping or have any questions please email me at senneymark@yahoo.ca  Thank you and have a great weekend!


Grad Photo Re-take Day #2

Yesterday, February 28th, was our Grad photo re-take day as outlined on all calendars for parents and students.  However, we had a bit of difficulty with the photographing of our grads who were absent for the initial photo day on February 15th so not all students had their photo taken.  In addition, by having the photographer show up in the afternoon we excluded some students who were only in the school in the morning (for various reasons).  The company, Brightpics, has graciously provided another day for us to get these done. 

 Grad Photo Re-take Day #2 = Monday, March 5th (in the a.m.)

NOTE: This is for grade 8 & 9 students who were absent and did not have their photo taken on February 15th.  If your child did have their picture taken, but you would like a re-take, please bring the original photo package to show the photographer.


Pink Shirt day: Wed. 28 Feb

Wednesday February 28th is pink shirt day! Wear a pink shirt and stand up against bullying.