Handouts: York Mills CI visit; Grade 8 key dates and grad trip

A few documents were sent home in the week preceding March Break. As some students/families were absent during that time, we are making them available via this post.

We wish everyone a safe and happy rest of your March Break!

Visit to York Mills CI

  • for all SAJH students who are transitioning to York Mills CI this September, coming from grade 8 or 9
  • Thursday, March 22nd, periods 4-7
  • Students not going to York Mills will remain in school
  • Permission form due back (either YES or NO portion filled) by 9 am of Wednesday, March 21st
  • Print form here: YMCI Tour Parent Permission 2018 511C

Grade 8 package: Dates, Grad Trip, Code of Conduct

  • for all grade 8 students
  • Important upcoming dates, from now until the end of June
  • Grad Trip excursion form and Code of Conduct form: due back March 23rd, 2018
  • Print package here: Gr.8 package 2018mar05

Course selection due tomorrow

The last lunch sessions are take place today, as the deadline for both online and printed sign off sheet are due tomorrow (Friday, February 23).

I’m aware that MyBlueprint has given errors for many people while trying to print. I am able to print sign off sheets from my account. If you’ve had trouble printing, students can see me during break or lunch to get sign off sheets printed.

Course selection: more helpful info

As we continue the course selection process, there are some reference documents from the TDSB that you might find helpful. Some of these were shared earlier with students during our MyBlueprint training sessions; others have just been made available.

  • SecondaryPlacemat_F – summary of key information for high school and course selection
  • Choices 2018-2019 insert – more detail about high school credits, post-secondary destinations, course types and pathways
  • Pathways Planning Guide – details about the course pathways for English, Math, Science, and English as a Second Language/English Language Learners (ESL/ELL)

Answers to frequent questions:

  • Students can take more than one Arts course in grade 9; York Mills CI is requiring students take at least one in order to fulfill the Arts requirement. BTT/TIJ (section D) are not mandatory.
  • If you are in grade 9 and have NOT taken an Arts course this year, you MUST take one during grade 10 (codes starting in “A”, e.g. Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, etc).
  • In order to add in Learning Strategies (GLS/GLE), you need to leave an elective space open, then hand-write the request for GLS/GLE on the sign-off sheet. There will be a letter sent home tomorrow for students who are suggested to take GLS/GLE.

A reminder that course selection is due by February 23, and requires the SIGNED PAPER COPY as well as online submission via the MyBlueprint website.



MyBlueprint lunches: tomorrow to Feb. 22

Students can sign up to work with Ms. Wong on their course selection. She will work with students in one of our computer labs, and will be available for both lunch periods each day, from Feb. 14th to 22nd.

Note that the deadline for course submission is Feb. 23rd, so the labs will NOT be available that day, as the form requires parent/guardian sign-off.

Student sign up lists will be posted daily on the cafeteria doors.


Secondary optional attendance forms due!

Optional attendance forms for York Mills CI are due to St. Andrew’s JHS tomorrow! Please hand them into the Guidance box in the main office.

Optional attendance forms for OTHER SCHOOLS should also be handed in tomorrow – this allows for time to process and sign forms, as well as giving families adequate time to deliver the forms to other schools. Remember that most staff (including Ms. Wong) will be out of the building on Thursday for our second Activity Day, so that’s one less day.

Forms are due to the desired school by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd, 2018.


INTERACT Alternative program – new location

The INTERACT program runs out of Oakwood CI (moved from Vaughan Road Academy), and is an alternative program that provides flexibility for students requiring “significant accommodation for serious out-of-school commitments.”  INTERACT Alternative is a non-semestered program, and offers ongoing applications for students in/entering grades 9-12.

From their website:

INTERACT was begun in 1985 at Vaughan Road Collegiate Institute (later ‘Academy’) and was moved to Oakwood Collegiate Institute in 2017. The staff and students of INTERACT Alternative are excited to welcome new students as we embark on “Interact 2.0” – in effect ‘rebooting’ the program for our new school community.

INTERACT Alternative aims to provide the flexibility and support for students which is required in order to pursue their academics concurrently with busy out of school schedules that often take them away from school, involve commitments during the school day, or otherwise impact on their ability to complete their high school education on a “normal” schedule.

For more information, please visit their website (there’s a helpful infographic at the top): http://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/oakwoodci/Programs/Interact

OR contact the program coordinator:

Michael Alex
Assistant Curriculum Leader, Interact Program
Oakwood Collegiate Institute
991 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto, ON M6E 1E3
416-393-1780 x 20028


Info shared by Northern Secondary

Northern Secondary shared information last week during the afternoon and evening info sessions that we would like to pass along.


  • Northern SS Math info for incoming grade 8 students (web link)
    • description of different course types and suggestions on how to select Math courses
    • info on Advanced Placement option for math
      • Grade 8s can write the grade 9 Math exam for placement in grade 10 math in September.
      • The exam will take place on March 21, 2018.
      • Contact jennifer.molloy@tdsb.on.ca to sign up.
  • For full details on course offerings and placement exam, see the website linked above.


  • Northern SS French info for incoming grade 8 students (web link)
    • description of different course types and suggestions on how to select French courses
    • Post French Immersion:
      • students who took Immersion until the end of grade 6 or later and have achieved a grade of 70% or higher may proceed directly to Grade 10 French.
      • select FSF2DP in course selection
  • For full details on course offerings, see the website linked above
  • Contact lori-ann.moulton@tdsb.on.ca with any questions


  • 2018 NSS Comprehensive Gifted Program Information (PDF)
  • This information applies to students who:
    • receive and accept a placement offer of Northern Secondary School for Gifted programming, AND
    • are currently in the Gifted program.
    • NOTE: placement offers are generated by the Central Special Education office (not by individual schools); students CANNOT apply for a gifted placement via optional attendance.
  • Contact leonila.liko@tdsb.on.ca with questions about the gifted program at Northern