INTERACT Alternative program – new location

The INTERACT program runs out of Oakwood CI (moved from Vaughan Road Academy), and is an alternative program that provides flexibility for students requiring “significant accommodation for serious out-of-school commitments.”  INTERACT Alternative is a non-semestered program, and offers ongoing applications for students in/entering grades 9-12.

From their website:

INTERACT was begun in 1985 at Vaughan Road Collegiate Institute (later ‘Academy’) and was moved to Oakwood Collegiate Institute in 2017. The staff and students of INTERACT Alternative are excited to welcome new students as we embark on “Interact 2.0” – in effect ‘rebooting’ the program for our new school community.

INTERACT Alternative aims to provide the flexibility and support for students which is required in order to pursue their academics concurrently with busy out of school schedules that often take them away from school, involve commitments during the school day, or otherwise impact on their ability to complete their high school education on a “normal” schedule.

For more information, please visit their website (there’s a helpful infographic at the top):

OR contact the program coordinator:

Michael Alex
Assistant Curriculum Leader, Interact Program
Oakwood Collegiate Institute
991 St. Clair Ave. W. Toronto, ON M6E 1E3
416-393-1780 x 20028


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