Street Safety

Although this is often taught at the younger grade level, it is also important for older students to remain vigilant as they travel to and from school.

Students should:

  • Travel with at least one other person whenever possible;
  • Avoid taking shortcuts through parks and fields;
  • Walk in well-lit and well-travelled areas;
  • Keep valuables such as cell phones, expensive jewellery, laptops and personal music devices out of sight as much as possible when in public places;
  • Be aware of suspicious behaviour and try to remember what the person or car looked like so it can be reported to school staff, parents or the police if necessary;
  • Be aware and alert; don’t be distracted (never text and walk or wear headphones or earbuds to play loud music);
  • Keep money hidden;
  • Always carry identification.

Parents and/or guardians can:

  1. Keep school contact information up-to-date, including cell and business numbers. (The school needs to know who to contact in cases of emergencies);
  2. Make a point of knowing your child’s friends.  Keep a list of their telephone numbers (cell and home), where they live and get to know their parents;
  3. Keep an up-to-date colour photo of your child/ren
  4. Know your child/ren’s approximate weight and height;
  5. Keep a medical and dental history of children’s blood type, medical problems, scars, broken bones, pulled teeth, braces, glasses, medication, allergies, fingerprints, etc.

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