Resources for Parents/Guardians

Our director, John Malloy, shares two TDSB resources with parents/guardians:

A Vision for Learning in TDSB and a video: Schools and Parents Working Together for Our Students The video was created to explain how parents/guardians can support student achievement and well-being.



MyBlueprint – training schedule revised

Please note that the training schedule has been updated – sessions still taking place during English classes as follows:

November 29 – 9 ESL and new, 83, 82 ESL
November 30 – 81, 85, 87
December 1 – all sessions cancelled
December 6 – all sessions cancelled

December 7 – 84
December 8 – 82 (regular English class)
December 13 – 9 ESL and 8 ESL (follow-up sessions)

If your child is away for their training, please let me know ( and I will arrange for them to attend one of the other sessions.

MyBlueprint – training next week

I will be training students on the MyBlueprint website this coming week; this software provides information regarding courses, post-secondary opportunities, increases self-knowledge, and connects with career ideas as well. All Grade 8s and some of our grade 9s (those new to St. Andrew’s this year) will receive training this week.

Training sessions are being delivered through the English classes, as follows:

November 28 – 8HPA, 86
November 29 – 9 ESL and new, 83, 82 ESL
November 30 – 81, 85, 87
December 1 – 82 regular, 9 ESL and new, 84; [EDIT: to be rescheduled]
December 6 – 82 ESL [EDIT: to be rescheduled]

If your child is away for their class session, please let me know ( and I will arrange for them to attend one of the other sessions.

Tour of Lawrence Park CI

Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute (LPCI) has planned an informative presentation on the LPCI experience for parents and students.  Information about a tour of LPCI will be sent home with students on Monday.

NOTE:  This information is for students who are zoned for Lawrence Park CI, by address.  To find out what school(s) you are zoned for based on your address, follow this process:

Search on the Internet:   Go to: Schools  > Find your School  > Street Name Only  > Search

A notice was sent to all guidance counsellors and schools with grade 8 earlier this week stating that LPCI is closed to optional attendance.

Grade 8 Students in the Gifted Program

Every year there are many questions that both parents and students have with regard to the process and steps needed to continue in the Gifted Program for Grade 9. I have drafted a checklist in the form of a letter for your information.  The first step of the process is the Annual IPRC Review meeting.  That meeting has been scheduled for students currently placed in the grade 8 gifted classes at St. Andrew’s JHS for Tuesday, December 6th, 2016. (Please note that this date is set by the board and cannot be changed.)  This information was sent home with students (on green coloured paper) with a due date of return by today.  I have received very few.

I use this information to set up the agenda for the meeting.   Please see the attached document, fill out the second page and send it in with your child on Monday, if you haven’t done so already.  (I apologize; I noticed after the fact that in making revisions to the letter from past years I inadvertently took out the spot for the student’s name.  If you filled out the green form and sent it back, without clearly printing your child’s name on the form, I humbly ask if you could print off the attachment and send it in, again.)


Thank you, in advance, for your assistance with getting this process underway.

D.M. Watson-Drape

Board Decision re: York Mills Cluster of Schools

On Wednesday November 23rd, the Board of Trustees of the TDSB approved recommendations from the York Mills CI cluster review.  A community letter detailing all the changes was distributed to all staff and students today.     p20161125-yorkmillsclusterboarddecisionparentletter-v3


Parent Council Meeting, Nov. 23rd @ 6:45 p.m.

Dear Parents,

We are happy to see that many parents expressed an interest in volunteering for various parent-led initiatives at St. Andrew’s JHS, such as Parent Council, music nights, bake sales and pizza lunches.  The next Parent Council meeting is on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 at 6:45 pm in the school library.  Please join us to hear more about these initiatives and others, and how you could become involved.

 If you have questions or suggestions for the Parent Council, please drop us a note in our mail box (located in the school office). Stay tuned to hear about a new Parent Council email address.

 Thank you and hope to see you on Wednesday.

 St. Andrew’s JHS Parent Council