Kids To Work – hosts needed

We are in need of 6-8 hosts for Take Our Kids To Work on Wednesday, November 2nd. These students don’t have a place to visit on Wednesday – some of them are our International students – and I’m hoping that the SAJH community can provide them the opportunity to participate.

If you are able to take an extra student with you this coming Wednesday, please contact me! ( It would help out a student who doesn’t have a host, and would be greatly appreciated.


Toronto Public Health: Flu Clinics

For your information, please read the attached letter from Public Health.  flu_letter_schools_2016_09_27

Junior High Review – PART Recommendations

Click the link p20161026-yorkmillsclusterpartstaffresponseletter-v2 to read the TDSB community letter dated October 26, 2016 regarding the final recommendations of the York Mills Cluster Program Area Review Team (PART).  A hard copy of the letter was distributed today to our students with the expectation that they bring it home to share with their parents/guardians.

Choices Planning Guide went home today

Grade 8 and 9 students received the Choices 2017/2018 Planning Guide today (HPA students will receive theirs tomorrow). This handout includes details about going to high school; secondary school programs, locations and info nights; credits and course types; the course selection process; and much more. Please review the information carefully.

Students will only receive one printed copy of the Planning Guide. A PDF will be available on the TDSB website via

Peer tutoring: looking for tutors and clients

We are looking for students to participate in the Peer Tutoring program, both as clients and as tutors. Students are paired according to subject area, and we offer tutoring in English, English as a Second Language, French, Math, Science, Social Studies (History and Geography).

Tutoring will be a cross between “study hall” and individual pairs; multiple pairs may be working on the same subject at the same time/place. Tutoring happens once a week, before school, after school, and during both lunches; Friday lunches follow the rotating schedule. Please note that tutoring pairs are scheduled subject to availability of space and tutor matches.

If you’re interested, please download the appropriate form!

tutor-package     –     client-package

For the non-core subjects, we encourage students to speak to their classroom teacher for extra help and to possibly be paired with a student helper as required.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up Concerns

We are once again requesting your cooperation in ensuring that our students are safe as they come and go from St. Andrew’s:

  • Please observe local parking restrictions and do not stop in front of the school or in the north end driveway
  • When dropping off or picking up students, use the SOUTH parking lot
  • Whenever possible, have students walk to school, use the TTC, or set up meeting spots about a block from the school

Thank you!

Trustee Gershon’s Next Ward Forum

Hello Everyone,

Please join me for our first Ward Forum of the year. It will be enlightening as we hear about important educational initiatives in our community.There will be 3 panels -one of parents- another of principals and the third of Supervisory Officers. Please come and bring a friend.

Date: Thursday Oct 27

Place: Northlea Elementary and Middle School, Library 305 Rumsey Road

(Northlea is north of Eglinton and west of Laird)

Time: 7 PM                                                               See you then!

                                                                                                                 Gerri Gershon