Grade 9 Graduation reception

Could grade 9 parents please encourage students to bring back their graduation reception form and payment to their homeroom teacher as soon as possible. Our graduation is scheduled for June 27th from 5-6:30 p.m. with the reception to follow at the York Reception Centre from 7:15-10:30 p.m. Families that need financial assistance for the reception should contact Mr. Howlett through the Main Office.

A package outlining Exam parameters/dates, Exam prep sessions and Graduation arrangements was sent home on May 13th.



Important reminders

Please reinforce the following expectations regarding the use of PED’s and safeguarding personal belongings.

  • PED’s (as per May 12 Newsletter): Are to be used only during the break and at lunch, and are to be powered off and out of sight during instructional periods and between classes. If a PED’s is confiscated by a staff member the following progressive discipline is provided;
  • First time in a month: Kept in the Office until the end of the day
  • Second time in the same month: Kept overnight in the Office, to be picked up the following day at 8:50 a.m.
  • Third time in the same month: A meeting with parents and the student to discuss the appropriate use of the device and next steps for discipline
  • Safeguarding personal belongings – Please ensure that all lockers contain a lock, are closed and that locks are checked to see they are completely locked. We highly recommend not sharing lock combinations with friends and suggest changing locks every few months. Students have also been advised to minimize the number of valuables they bring to school and to keep them in their lockers. Students are also advised to avoid leaving valuables unattended in the Gym change rooms, cafeteria or other areas in the school or outside.

Thank you for supporting our school ‘Code of Conduct’ and reinforcing the responsible safeguarding of student personal belongings.

Student volunteers needed to plan an external event

Help to organize an Entrepreneur event for August 2016

Skills for Change is looking for students to volunteer for an event that will take place on August 12, 2016. The Entrepreneur Fair will be an event aimed for entrepreneurs of all ages but is primarily focused on increasing awareness about entrepreneurship for youth. The entrepreneur fair will be a cohesion of the “Be the Boss” race and a new event (similar to a pop-up shop and a fair) where entrepreneurs can share their expertise and products/services with high school students and the rest of the community.

Here is some more info on the “Be the Boss” event:

Be the Boss is a one day event where youth aged 12-19 years old compete against each other in teams to find the most and best resources in the City to help bring their business idea to life. Participants travel by TTC across the City in a race to complete a series of questions, activities and challenges on how to start a business. The event culminates with a pitch presentation and celebration complete with great prizes and surprises. This fun filled event occurs on International Youth Day, August 12, 2016 to celebrate youth and educate them about what it takes to be a boss and a small business owner. Transportation for all participants will be provided for this event.

Skills for Change is looking to arrange a group of students who may need their 40 volunteer hours to become a part of their organizing committee. If interested, please contact:

Zabrina Dacres
Community Development Associate, Youth Programs
Employment and Community Development Department
416-658-3101 ext.300

Skills for Change, 791 St. Clair West, Toronto
Twitter: @SkillsforChange

Correction: Secondary summer school credits

Please note the following correction regarding TDSB secondary summer school courses:

  • Regular Credit Courses: Open to all high school students and adults with current pre-requisites. Students may take a new credit, or re-take a course previously taken to upgrade a mark.
  • Remedial Credit Courses: Open to all high school students who completed the course during the 2015-16 school year and earned a final mark of at least 35% but below 50%.

The original post had an error in the minimum final mark required for Remedial courses. We have adjusted our post and apologize for the incorrect information.

Celebrating the end of Grade 9!

As published in the St. Andrew’s agenda, ‘Keep At Home’ booklet provided at the beginning of the year, and on our blue ‘Year-at-a-Glance’ calendar, our Graduation evening is scheduled for Monday, June 27th.  We encourage all students to participate, celebrating their time at St. Andrew’s JHS with their peers and the staff.  Please see the attached document for further details.  A hardcopy of this information was sent home with students on Friday, May 13th.  There is a tear off on the second page which all students should return to their homeroom teacher.  This assists the Graduation Committee with planning and preparations for the evening.

2016 Grad Invite


Exam Prep Sessions

Even though this is their second set of exams, writing exams can still be a stressful time for grade nine students.  Once again, Ms. Fair and Ms. Stella-Tessarolo will be offering two Exam Prep Sessions after school to support our students.  Please see the attached registration form (which was sent home with students on Friday, May 13th).


Grade Nines & the month of June

We hope that everyone is looking forward to the up-coming summer holiday, especially since the nice weather has finally decided to come our way.  We have a lot to do before we can celebrate, though.  On Friday, May 13th a package of information was sent home with our grade nine students outlining the various items that will be occurring in the month of June.  It also provides information about what their last weeks at St. Andrew’s JHS will look like.  Please see the attached copy of this letter for your information.

exam parent letter