Friday December 18 – Locker clean out and absences

Tomorrow morning we will have an extended homeroom for locker clean out. Please encourage your child to bring an extra bag(s) to bring items home such as gym clothing or other clothing items.

If your child is going to be absent tomorrow please leave a message with our Main Office as soon as possible.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a healthy 2016!


Grade 8 Skating forms- Still needed asap


Forty of our grade 8 students have not brought back their skating form which was due last Friday. Without a signed permission form indicating ‘Yes’ for the skating trip this Thursday students will be assigned to Study Hall period 3 and 4. They must also supply their own skates. The itinerary is below and the form is attached.

11:00  Report to homeroom for attendance

11:10 Leave for York Mills arena or go to the cafeteria for Study Hall

11:30-12:25 Skating

12:40 – 1:28 Lunch for all students

Thursday lunch – Period 5 for all grade 8’s

Please note that due to the Grade 8 Skating trip at York Mills arena on Thursday, all grade 8’s will have lunch during period 5 (12:40-1:28) that day.

Letter of Intent (gr. 8/9)

Each student in grade 8 and 9 was given a “Letter of Intent” to be filled out and returned to the office in order for us to assist with transitioning to the school of your choice for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please see the attached if you did not receive the original letter.  (N.B.  Students in our grade 8 Gifted Program received a two page letter with respect to the up-coming Annual IPRC Review meetings which asked for this same information so they did not receive the “Letter of Intent”.  In some cases, the bottom of the second page was not filled out and therefore Ms. Wong may either call your son/daughter down for further information, or send the attachment home.)

Letter of Intent gr 8 15-16

Letter of Intent gr 9 15-16

Elementary Report Card covering letter & Dec news

Attached is the covering letter being sent home with all grade 5-8 students today and also the December newsletter being sent home with all students today.

Dec 2015

Dec10.15 Report letter

Important items being sent home today re: Gr 9 Exams

Attached is the Exam package and Exam prep workshop letter being sent home with all grade 9’s today.


Exam Letter Jan 2016

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found outside Room 202 (by the Music Wing) has become very congested. Items include gym clothes, bags, sweaters and sweatshirts, binders, textbooks and Agenda’s. We have asked students several times this week to check for their personal items by the end of the week and gradually begin taking items home from their locker for the break to be washed. Any clothing items left as of Monday will be forwarded to a deserving charity in our area.