Take Our Kids to Work – Wednesday, Nov. 4

Wednesday, November 4 is Take Our Kids to Work day! Grade 9 students will spend the day in a workplace, job shadowing a family member, family friend, or community host. This Canada-wide initiative allows students a taste of a real work environment and promotes experiential learning.

If a student cannot attend with his/her family members due to workplace safety or other restrictions, they are encouraged to attend with a classmate or friend. There will be a school-led visit to community workplace hosts; however, spaces are limited.

Information and permission forms are going home today. Note that there are THREE forms that need to be completed and returned to homeroom teachers by October 21st. All materials are also available via the following linked PDFs:

TOKW 2015 Parent Guide and Form

TOKW 2015 Media Release Form

TOKW 2015 Permission form


For more info: thelearningpartnership.ca/TOKW

2 Responses to “Take Our Kids to Work – Wednesday, Nov. 4”

  1. Jane Hammond Says:

    Hello Ms. Wong,

    Would there be a spot for Michael Hammond in the community event on November 4th? What is the venue that is hosting?

    Best regards,

    Jane Hammond

    Sent from my iPhone


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