Dress Code and Safety at lunch

As the weather has improved dramatically we would like to seek the support of our parent community to remind and reinforce the following;

Dress Code:  To ensure an appropriate learning environment by minimizing visual distractions we ask that you review page 9 in our School Agenda with particular attention to the length of shorts (finger tip length with arms straight) and no tank tops or basketball or sleeveless tops.

Access to Owen Park or Ravine:  For supervision and safety our students are expected to stay on school property after they are eat in the cafeteria and not access either Owen school or Park nor the ravine to the north of our school. The same expectation is true for students returning from purchasing their lunch off school property.

Skateboarding:  Should be done in a safe manner (not on the streets) with appropriate safety equipment.

Thank you for your support of student safety.


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