Minutes of April 20, 2015 Parent Council Meeting

Attached are the minutes of the April 20, 2015 Parent Council meeting.

St. Andrew’s Parent Council


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Dress Code and Safety at lunch

As the weather has improved dramatically we would like to seek the support of our parent community to remind and reinforce the following;

Dress Code:  To ensure an appropriate learning environment by minimizing visual distractions we ask that you review page 9 in our School Agenda with particular attention to the length of shorts (finger tip length with arms straight) and no tank tops or basketball or sleeveless tops.

Access to Owen Park or Ravine:  For supervision and safety our students are expected to stay on school property after they are eat in the cafeteria and not access either Owen school or Park nor the ravine to the north of our school. The same expectation is true for students returning from purchasing their lunch off school property.

Skateboarding:  Should be done in a safe manner (not on the streets) with appropriate safety equipment.

Thank you for your support of student safety.

School Climate Surveys

All grade 7 to 12 students in the TDSB will be involved in completing an online School Climate Survey with parents and staff members having an opportunity to also complete the survey. The goal is to promote a positive school climate and prevent bullying.

Today an information letter (see attachment) was sent home with all students as the survey will begin tomorrow and run until May 21st based on the need to schedule over 500 students into our Computer labs.

If you decide not to have your child participate in the student school climate survey please return the bottom portion of the information letter to the Main Office a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your support in promoting a safe and welcoming school environment.


Summer School update

Elementary Summer School

Letters and forms went home and are due back to the SAJH office by APRIL 29. If you are considering this opportunity to help your child develop their Literacy, Numeracy or ESL skills, please be sure to complete the form!

Gr. 10 Civics and Career Studies options

The grade 10 Civics and Career Studies courses are available to take over the summer via:

  1. eLearning at the TDSB, for free! (Note: International Visa students may have an additional fee).  eSummer School Flyer 2015
  2. Travel learning experience with EduTravel, going through Ottawa, Montreal and New York City. www.edutravelforcredit.com/program/civics-and-careers-july/

Secondary in-class Summer School

Courses run from July 6-31, 2015. The following course types are being offered:

  • Full credit courses (open to all high school students and adults, including students who wish to upgrade passing marks.  All course prerequisites apply.)
  • Remedial credit courses (final mark from 35-49%; max. 2 can be taken in summer school)
  • Math Transfer credit (successfully completed MFM1P1)
  • Non-credit literacy and math support (ESL students, OR those who achieved below 60% in English or Math)

Students are encouraged to pre-register to guarantee a spot is available; classes with low enrollment may be cancelled. Online registration opens May 4, 2015.

See the Secondary Summer School website for full list of courses, and for registration.

Important Forms and Career Day

URGENT – Could parents of grade 7 students please ensure the Letter of Intent regarding 2015-16 is returned immediately (attached) .

Grade 9’s : For those students not attending the Quebec city trip next week we are still waiting for some notes or phone calls from parents to determine their plans to attend/not attend school from May 5-8.

Career Day – We are still looking for volunteers to set up display booths the morning of Thursday May 21st to educate our grade 8 and 9 students about the great variety of career/occupation options available to them. If you are able to participate please contact Mr. Howlett or the Main Office.

Letter of Intent gr 7 15-16

TDSB Public Consultations

The TDSB is currently seeking public input into how to improve its governance structure.  You can provide feedback online at your convenience or in person at one of the public meetings.  Local meetings include Don Mills library on May 4th at 7:00 p.m. and North York Central library on May 20 at 7:00 p.m.  Please note that pre-registration is required to attend the public meetings.  Further information is available through the link below.

St. Andrew’s Parent Council



Science Rendezvous – May 9, 2015