Band Beyond St. Andrew’s (Festival Wind Orchestra)

From Mr. Corbett:

On Tuesday November 18th, the Senior Concert Band will host the Festival Wind Orchestra (FWO) for a combined rehearsal and concert. The FWO is a non-profit community concert band whose members are amateur musicians. They rehearse Tuesday nights at Riverdale Collegiate.

This is the itinerary for the evening.

3:30 rehearsal
5:30 potluck dinner / homework / set up for FWO
7:00 rehearsal with the FWO
8:30 parents come to the cafeteria to listen to the performance
9:00 conclusion

The benefits for our students:

  • performance skills will improve with the extra rehearsal time
  • senior students will have opportunities to lead some of the rehearsal
  • experience food from a variety of cultures
  • examples of how adults have found a place for music in their lives

One Response to “Band Beyond St. Andrew’s (Festival Wind Orchestra)”

  1. C. Lo Says:

    Parents must have been proud to see our St. Andrew’s young men and women working together and socializing at last night’s great musical event. Thank you Mr. Corbett for arranging this experience for the students!

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