Student behaviour at lunch in Bayview/York mills mall

Unfortunately yesterday we received two phone calls regarding student behaviour at the Rich Tree cafe and Metro from a patron and the Rich Tree cafe manager. This behaviour was addressed at the grade 9 assembly at the end of the day yesterday and we will be reinforcing the expected behaviour guidelines in our morning announcements today. The main issues were; utilizing seating in establishments where they had not purchased food, rudeness towards patrons or facility staff, playing very loud music and some throwing of food.

Please discuss appropriate behaviour in our neighbourhood with your child so we can maintain a positive relationship with these vendors and our local community who have been very supportive of our school.


One Response to “Student behaviour at lunch in Bayview/York mills mall”

  1. Bonnie Marks Says:

    I am very saddened that the students of SAJHS school have acted this way as they do represent our school body, administration and our community at large.
    I know parents will take this blog seriously and have meaningful conversations with their children who I have no doubt will represent our school in a respectful manner moving forward.

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