Agenda for Parent Council Meeting on Monday Feb 3, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

To all St. Andrew’s Parents,

Your attendance and participation at the upcoming Parent Council meeting is essential as we’ll be reviewing issues that will affect the school this year as well as next. Please see below the agenda for the meeting. Thank you.

1. Approval of minutes of November 25, 2013 & matters arising from minutes (7:00)
2. Principal & Vice-Principal update (7:05)
3. Activity day participation, and ideas for next year (7:25)
4. Student report cards in February – process to provide feedback (7:30)
5. Trips for Grade 9 and Grade 8 – update (7:40)
6. Gifted grade 9 or enriched program at St. Andrew’s – update (7:50)
7. Update on next year’s school enrollments – some statistics about incoming students and outgoing students (8:00)
8. Safety concerns – traffic during rush hours (8:05)
9. Parent Council financial report (8:10)
10. Planning for next year’s parent council (8:15)
11. Reports by committees – pizza lunch, bake sale, SPC, QSP, birthday books, etc. (8:20)
12. Other business (8:25)
13. Adjournment (8:30)


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