Course selection for YMCI optional attendance

All grade 9 students who are transitioning to York Mills for grade 10 need to complete their course selection via MyBlueprint. The sign-off sheet must be completed, signed, and returned to me (Ms. Wong) – I am processing the forms and handing in to YMCI tomorrow morning.

For those students who applied via optional attendance, the paper form that arrived with offer letters does NOT need to be completed.


Cafeteria menu: February 24-28

Attached is the Cafeteria menu for this week (Feb. 24-28)

Cafe feb 24-28

YMCI – MyBlueprint course selection now active

As of 1pm today, all bugs with YMCI course selection were worked out. Grade 9 students going to York Mills can now complete their course selection and submit their choices. If you are unsure of the meaning of different course codes, please check page G in the Choices booklet for the breakdown of codes.

Follow these steps:

1. via High School Planner, set your courses for grade 10.

2. put choices in order by semester (i.e. top four for Semester 1; bottom four for Semester 2).

3. you MUST take Civic and Career Studies. The combined course code is: CIVCAR (or CIVESL)

4. when 8 credits have been set for grade 10, click the green SUBMIT button.

5. print the sign-off sheet, you and a parent/guardian sign

6. hand in sign-off sheet to SAJH via Homeroom teacher.

Course selection timelines

There has been some confusion over deadlines for course selection. Our hope was to have the majority of course selections completed by Feb. 19, as each form is processed individually before we can take it to the receiving school. Please check the following information carefully.

If you have not determined yet which school you will attend next year, please meet with Ms. Wong immediately.

Students who are going to a new school via Optional Attendance: paper course selection is due as soon as possible. Note that forms MUST be verified and signed by Ms. Wong before handing in to the receiving school. The receiving schools have the absolute deadline of Feb. 28.

Students attending a new home school: paper course selection – almost all of these are complete, thank you! I will soon be delivering these to the receiving schools.

Students staying at St. Andrew’s: online and paper copies should already be done! Hand in to Ms. Wong ASAP. Course selections submitted late have a lower priority when scheduling courses.

Students doing MyBlueprint for York Mills CI: online and paper copies due to Ms. Wong by Feb. 26 for processing.

Lunch: Off property choices and cafeteria menu

Recently a number of students have chosen to go to Leslie and York Mills to purchase lunch and have not been able to get back to school on time. We are strongly discouraging this as it is very difficult to travel to and from this area, purchase and eat their lunch within the 50 minute time frame of our lunch period. Individuals who consistently have an issue getting back to school on time will be given detentions after school. If your child is purchasing lunch off school property we would greatly appreciate you reinforcing the expectation that they limit their travel to Bayview and York Mills.

We apologize for the delay in forwarding the Cafeteria menu for this week which is attached.

February 18th-21

Grade 8 course selection due TOMORROW!

This is a reminder that course selection for grade 8s is due February 19th (tomorrow!).

Students staying at St. Andrew’s must:

  1. Complete MyBlueprint course planner (at least grade 9 courses),
  2. Submit courses,
  3. Print sign-off sheet and write 4 electives in priority order,
  4. Parent/Guardian and student sign,
  5. Hand in via homeroom teacher.

Students going to another school must:

  1. View course descriptions via ,
  2. Complete paper course selection sheet,
  3. Parent/Guardian and student sign,
  4. Hand in via homeroom teacher.

York Mills – good news!

We received an update from the principal of York Mills CI today:

All St. Andrew’s JHS students who applied for optional attendance at YMCI have been accepted!

There is still a week for York Mills course selection to be completed. A guidance counselor and student reps are coming over on February 19th (tomorrow) to meet with the grade 9 students. The deadline for course selections for YMCI is February 26th.

I will be working with YMCI to get MyBlueprint active for the grade 9s as soon as possible. I will post here and issue a bulletin on MyBlueprint notifying when course selection is active.