Mono Cliffs 3: frozen fun!

Our last Mono Cliffs session was a great wrap-up to our grade 7 trips. The cold weather gave us a lot of snow, and added to the nature hikes. It also added the reality of need for shelter, that our students learned about in the Survival Skills activities.

Please see the attached newsletters that highlight our trip.

Mono Cliffs Nov 25-27th 2013
Mono Cliffs Backpage

Thanks again to all of the teachers and staff who made these trips a success!


Mono Cliffs: Two great trips this week!

The first two Mono Cliffs trips have finished, and it’s been a great time! While we faced some chilly weather, students and teachers worked in teams, challenged themselves, and learned more about the natural world in the beautiful setting of Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. We also participated in the Eco Challenge by working to reduce our water and electricity use, and wasting less food.

Thank you to the students for contributing to two terrific trips, and to the teachers who gave up their time to help supervise. A big THANK YOU to Ms. Prisor, Mr. Seal, Ms. Fair, Mr. Carrasco, Ms. Wong and Ms. Hochberg for supervising these trips (and to Ms. Hochberg for organizing everything!).

Families, please see the newsletter produced for stories and highlights from each trip.

Mono Cliffs Nov 18-20th 2013

Mono Cliffs Nov 20-22th 2013

Mono Cliffs Backpage

Parent Council meeting Monday/Silent Auction items needed

A reminder that our next Parent Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 25th at 7 p.m. in our Library.

Please note we have extended the deadline for Silent Auction items and services to Monday, November 25th by 1 p.m. A hard copy list of all Silent Auction items will be sent home with all students on November 25th.

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Mono Cliffs: Pack warm clothing!!

Greetings from Mono Cliffs trip 1! IT IS COLD, colder than Toronto, and we have snow on the ground and a wind chill of at least -7 C. Activities are still happening outdoors, and some activities are up higher where there’s more wind. It can get very cold.

If your child came without their boots/mitts/winter jacket, please DO NOT WORRY. There are extras here that have been provided for your child.

As some students did NOT pack enough warm clothing, I am sending some highlights that your child needs to bring – please check as they pack! Running shoes ARE NOT suitable for outdoors but can be used for indoor shoes/slippers.

  • winter hat (I tried a headband; it’s not enough!)
  • mitts/gloves
  • scarf or neck-warmer
  • warm pants – blue jeans are NOT warm enough
  • snow pants (or windbreaker pants + long johns/tights to layer with their warm pants)
  • extra pairs of socks, enough to layer – wool recommended
  • sunscreen or vaseline to help protect faces from the cold

Trustee Gerri Gershon Report

After 8/9 Info: slide show

Here is a copy of the slide show that was presented on November 6th. It contains information and links to various resources that will be helpful during high school transitions.

Choices for Nine 2013-2014.pps

Please note that the 2014-2015 Choices booklet is not yet available; when it is, I will be meeting with students in class groups to teach them about transitions and school/course selection.

Mono Cliffs trips begin on Monday!

Our first trip to Monocliffs is set to depart next Monday morning. With that in mind, here are a few last-minute reminders and lists:

  • Come to school at the regularly scheduled time; the buses will depart shortly after morning announcements.
  • We will return before the end of the school day and they will be dismissed at the regular time.
  • Check the weather for Mono, Ontario or Orangeville, Ontario to get an idea of what your child can expect.
  • Be prepared for full-on winter; that means snow, cold, and more snow. Pack plenty of warm clothes to layer, extra socks for wet feet, and waterproof gloves and footwear. Please see the attached packing list:
  • If you are sending up any medication, please ensure it is clearly labelled.
  • Please see the attached litter-less lunch information for Monocliffs.
  • If your child has opted not to go to Monocliffs, they are expected to be at school. They will be assigned to alternative grade 7 classes for those three days. If they are going to be absent from school for any reason please contact our Main Office by phone.

Classes and dates for trips:

Nov. 18-20:
71, 73, 74 (Homerooms of Mrs. Ladha, Mr. McCarthy, Mr. McDowell)

Nov. 20-22:
75, 76 (Homerooms of Ms. Resendes, Ms. Lee)

Nov. 25-27:
72, 77, HPA (Homerooms of Ms. Kimm, Mrs. Lau, Mr. Drukarsh)